The future of learning

Who We Are

Skillber is a dream child of a group of friends who want to make a difference in the lives of growing children. At Skillber we focus on holistic development of a Child who is normally exposed to a diet of education curriculum which is applied less in his life. We want the kids to acquire critical capabilities & develop skills which are needed to face current and future challenges and this is a specialized subject or attention area in more developed countries and is often referred as ‚ÄúLIFE SKILLS".

We develop contextual topics which have a great effect on a child's development and his ability to learn. 

We make learning fun and deliver carefully chosen contents through videos, worksheets, simulations, easy to understand exercises & drills, discovery toys. Kids learn faster when they DO or ACT than by reading, listening or watching or merely imitating others.

We develop our products using inputs from Child psychologists, Teachers, Educators, Parents, Professional writers in this domain, Professionals, Educational content developers, Scientific studies in this space and professional Child development institutes. 

Our products will be made available through schools and our own faculty will be training the kids and support their development of LIFE SKILLS.

We look forward to developing products and concepts where a child is given a prolonged exposure through our interventions.

We sow the seeds in the child and make them realize the importance " to upgrade their life skills constantly", "to compete and succeed"; so that there is an interest for self-development. Our interventions make the child conscious that he is building his capability and capacity and the skill development is a life long process.

Why Us?

Our motto is to empower children to compete and succeed !!!  We want to nurture the kids early in their development stage and create realization in them that "Learning is fun and is useful too"

Our team :

We are a small team from Kochi, South India and is presently developing our idea in a startup incubator in Rajagiri College for Management Studies, in Kakkanad.

Our services will be offered through schools and products will be available through e.commerce sites.