The future of learning

At Skillber, our emphasis is to expose kids to common problem situations in their lifestyles and make them solve it by themselves. We cover things which are important in life but are not taught in schools.
1. Life Skills Builder - social, cognitive, intellectual, teamwork, collaboration, situations handling, civic sense, crisis and emergency management. Facilitated through case studies, group activities, and web based activities.
2. Creativity Builder  - application of science through simple experiments, learning complex concepts like gravity, magnetism, orbits, geography etc, design thinking and projects. Facilitated through small projects and group activities 

3. Profession Builder - role plays and enactment. (concept - little doctor, little electrician, little teacher, little carpenter, mechanic, scientist).

4. Aspiration Builder - setting goals, financial goals, nurturing hobbies. Facilitated through journals, web based systems, peer surveys, worksheets, books.
5. Discovery Toys - branded educational toys for sales through net. Discovery toys which are “assembly kits” and the whole experience of learning is going to be fun.